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               TWISTER                                    3D PRINTER


  • Automatic 3 axis build plate tramming.

  • Triple screw Z axis.

  • Z axis Inductive sensor.

  • 32 bit motherboard.

  • 2209 motor drivers. Silent print mode.

  • Filament run out detection.

  • Heated bed capable of 125*C.

  • Removable powder coated aluminum 6061 T6 build plate.

  • Print volume -

  •      X 240mm (9.4")

  •      Y 240mm

  •      Z 300mm (11.8").

  • Max nozzle printing temperature recomended = 250*C.

  • V6 style hot end with 0.4mm nozzle for use with 1.75mm filament.

  • Programmable part cooling fan.

  • Max layer height = 0.36mm

  • Min layer height = 0.04mm

  •  Avg print speed 60~150mm/sec.

  • Max X Y movement speed 600mm/sec.

  • AC 110 to DC 24 volt power supply. 

  • LCD display with SD card slot.

  • Can connect to external control device using USB. Or print directly from LCD screen using G-code file loaded on SD card.

  • Filament compatibility - ABS, PLA, PETG, TPU (FLEXIBLE), any non abrasive filament that can be printed at 250*C or less.


 One year warranty. Free technical support.

 The TWISTER 3D printer has Built in features to make printing more reliable and easier to operate than many other 3D printers.

 The triple Z screw build plate design eliminates the need for the operator to manually level the build plate. When a print is started the machine will automatically probe the build plate using the built in inductive sensor and physically level the build plate to within 0.02mm (0.0008") of being perfectly level. This drastically simplifies the operation of this machine vs most other 3D printers eliminating the hassle and time spent manually levelling a build plate to achieve a perfect first layer.

  A bowden extruder is used for fast lightweight precise X Y movements.

 Automatic software compensating bed leveling will probe the build plate after automatic levelling to detect and automatically compensate for any tiny variances in the flatness of the build plate.

 Boxed frame design makes it simple to close the machines openings off and make use of a heated build chamber if needed.

  2209 motor drivers are reliable and can move the X Y axes at a lightning fast 600mm/sec. Can also be switched into silent mode using the LCD controls to make printing noise almost unnoticeable

 Durable powder coated aluminum build plate spreads heat more evenly than other build plate materials.

 Corrosion resistant 316L stainless steel  linear rods used on all axes. Will not rust and will last a life time.

 Open source electronics components means cost effective and easy to update electronics for any specific needs.

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